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Test the connection to Kinde’s API

Testing is always a good idea after you start using the Kinde Management API, for example, after you add a new machine to machine connection for getting a Kinde API access token.

We recommend you test in a non-production environment.

The following procedure describes how to test using Postman - an API platform - but you can follow similar steps in your own app environment.

Test the connection using various endpoints

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You can test the API connection by sending a GET request to any Kinde API endpoint. See the Kinde Management API library for options.

Here’s an example using the users listing endpoint.

  1. Create a new GET request.
  2. Enter a URL that contains the /users endpoint, e.g. https://<domain> .
Entering a Request URL in Postman
  1. Send the request. It should return your users in the body section. If it does, the connection is successful.
Response body in Postman
  1. Repeat from step 2 for any other Kinde API endpoints you want to test.