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Track user activity using Hotjar

If you use Hotjar to track user behaviour on your site, you can now add it to Kinde.

ℹ️ You need your own Hotjar account to use this feature.

Hotjar is a tool for recording and tracking user behavior. It is designed to give you insights about how users interact with your site or app.

Privacy and security with Hotjar

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Kinde adds Hotjar’s tracking script to the initial sign up and sign in screens. We do not add it to any screens that include sensitive data entry such as password / OTP entry or MFA details.

In Hotjar recordings, you’ll see the user redirecting to Kinde and select an authentication option. The rest of the auth flow will not be captured. Hotjar then stitches together the session by recording your application, and gives you a single recording with the sensitive parts of the auth flow omitted.

Add your Hotjar credentials in Kinde

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  1. Go to Settings > Environment > Details.
  2. Scroll down to the Tracking section.
  3. Add your Hotjar Site ID.
  4. Select Save. You can now track user interactions with Hotjar.

ℹ️ Note that Kinde does not allow Hotjar to record a user’s personal auth details, such as passwords.