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Kinde SDKs

Kinde provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) help you connect your app more easily to Kinde.

Generally, you only need one SDK per application or service. But you might use multiple SDKs if your product is comprised of applications or services written in multiple languages.

You can also use different SDKs to support front end and back end behavior, if this suits your setup.

⚠️ Check version compatibility
Make sure that your tech stack’s versions are compatible with the SDK you want to use.

Community SDKs

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Community SDKs are developed independently by members of the Kinde developer community.

While we review community SDKs before we link to them, Kinde is not responsible for directly supporting or updating community SDKs. Please contact the author through GitHub.

Contact us via Slack or Discord support channels if you want to contribute a community SDK.