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Supported data regions

When you first sign up to Kinde, you will be given the option to choose your data region.

Regions define where Kinde stores data for your customers and business. You may need to select a specific region to meet your regulatory requirements.

To ensure optimal performance, we also strongly recommend choosing a region that is closest to your customers and where your app, site, or project is hosted. For example, if you are in Canada, choose the US region; if you are in North Africa, choose Ireland (Europe); for Southeast Asia and Oceania, choose Australia.

Currently, we support these regions (with more to follow):

  • Asia Pacific - Sydney, Australia
  • North America - Oregon, USA
  • Europe - Dublin, Ireland
  • UK - London, England

Once selected, you cannot change the data region of your business within Kinde.

Failover support within regions

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We currently have failover support within regions. But we do not have cross-regional failover support. This ensures that data stays in the selected region.

Email if you have any questions about how your data is stored. You can also read our privacy policy.