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Customize user emails

If emails are part of your authentication processes for users - for example, users receive sign-in codes via email in a passwordless process - you can customize email details, with some limitations.

Change the email sender name

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You can add your business or brand name so it appears as the sender of emails.

  1. Go to Settings > Email.
  2. Enter your business or brand name in the Sender name field.
  3. Select Save.

Change the email sender address

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If you want to change the email sender address, you add your own email provider’s SMTP details. See Customize email sender.

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Emails inherit the logo you set as part of your global brand. But you can also set a unique logo for each organization in your business.

Change who verification emails are sent from

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Only applies if you choose not to send emails from your own provider

When Kinde sends an email on your behalf, it is sent from the ‘Business name’ listed in your Kinde business by default.

For example:

If you want emails to come from your app name instead (if it is different), then you can edit the business name in Settings > Business > Details, without it affecting your Kinde domain or other environment settings.

Change email content

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It is not currently possible to change the content of emails.