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User communication in Kinde

Kinde only sends emails or texts to users as part of the authentication experience, for example to send one-time passwords or to verify user identity for self-sign-up.

We’ve kept communication features to a bare minimum for authentication, so that we do not send unwanted or unsolicited communication to users, on behalf of your business.

Emails sent from Kinde

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The following emails are sent from

  • Invitations to join your business on Kinde when you manually add a new team member
  • Export data warning emails to ensure only authorized people can get user data out of your business.
  • (Unless you enter custom email sender details) verification and authentication emails for sign-up, sign-in, multi-factor authentication, and password reset. To configure authentication emails to come from your own email provider, see Customize email sender.

Kinde does not send emails in these situations

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  • Invitations to users if you add them via API
  • Invitations to users if you add them in bulk via import
  • Emails to team members about your Kinde subscription or admin activity

If you want certain user events in Kinde to trigger an email, you can set this up with webhooks.

Communication when users are added in bulk

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Our features for adding users in bulk (such as via API or import) are designed with a smooth migration experience in mind.

Rather than send confusing emails to existing user bases, we enable a silent transfer of the authentication experience, between your previous supplier and Kinde. That’s why we don’t send emails when users are added to Kinde this way.

💡 Use webhooks to prompt actions triggered by Kinde events

SMS communication for phone authentication

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Kinde supports phone authentication as a primary and secondary authentication factor.

To use phone authentication, you need to have a Twilio account and configure the account details in Kinde. Twilio is a third-party provider who offer bulk messaging services.

When a user authenticates via phone number, an SMS containing a one-time passcode is sent. The SMS is in a specific format that cannot be edited.

123456 is your one-time code to sign in to [kinde business URL] #123456

Kinde does not communicate anything else to users via SMS.