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Set up a subscription form

If you want to collect details from site visitors and subscribe to them to receive communications from your business, you can set up a form using Kinde.

Customize the form

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  1. Go to Design > Widgets > Subscribe.
  2. In the panel on the right, make any content changes you want.
  3. Enter the URL for the site where the form will appear. Note that you only need to include the root part of the URL, not the specific pages (e.g.
  4. Select Save and generate code.
  5. Use this code to add the subscription page to your website.
    • HTML - Add this to your site page to embed the form.
    • CSS - Copy into your page header. To apply your own style, add a style block and use custom class names to apply your designs.
    • JS - Copy and paste this somewhere in the page markup. Putting it after the provided HTML markup (above) is ideal.

View and manage subscribers

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Once the form is activated, in the main menu of Kinde, go to Users and select Subscribers to view a list of people who have signed up. You can add, delete and convert subscribers into users.