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What does Kinde do?

Kinde builds beautifully simple dev-acceleration infrastructure for SaaS teams. We provide an easy-to-use platform and code support for building:

Supported by SDKs in more than 20 different language frameworks, your engineers can focus on building your core product, without also having to build the essential functions that allow your business scale and grow.

🚀 Kinde exists to do everything possible to propel founders and their teams forward. Check out some of our features in action on YouTube.

If you already have a project and we have an SDK using your framework, you can get up and running in minutes.

See Where to start with Kinde.

Join the community

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If you sign up to Kinde, you’ll be among thousands of like-minded colleagues who are bringing their own ideas to life.

Join them via Discord or Slack.

Find out what’s coming

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We have a long exciting road of plans ahead.

Keep an eye on the Kinde roadmap to see where we’re headed next.