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Get application keys

Application keys - or app keys - are credentials that you need to connect your project to Kinde. There are unique app keys for each application you have. This includes each machine to machine, front-end, back-end, or single-page application, etc.

For more information about Kinde apps, see Applications in Kinde.

About app keys

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In the App keys section of your application in Kinde, you’ll find these details:

  • Custom domain - if you have opted to use one

  • Domain - this is the domain issued by Kinde

  • Client ID - unique for this app

  • Client secret - unique for this app (only back-end and M2M apps have client secrets)

    ℹ️ You can’t refresh client secrets in Kinde
    Kinde does not give you the ability to generate new client secrets for an application. To keep tokens safe, follow these token security principles.

View and copy app keys

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  1. Go to Settings > Environment > Applications.

  2. Find the application you want to connect.

  3. On the application tile, select View details.

  4. Scroll to the App keys section.

  5. Select Copy to copy the keys.

  6. Make sure you securely store and manage your client secret as it provides access to your Kinde account for your product.

    ℹ️ Note that front-end (client-side) applications do not have a client secret because they run in insecure environments, typically a browser.

  7. Add the app key details to the .env file in your code base or starter kit. Follow the instructions in the relevant SDK or the README file in the starter kit.

  8. Do this for each application you want to connect.