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Rotate client secret

To ensure your applications remain secure, you can periodically rotate the Client secret stored in the Kinde-side application.

You can only do this for back-end and machine-to-machine applications.

Note that you can only rotate a client secret by completely deactivating the old one. So you must update any dependent apps, connections, and services with the new secret ASAP.

Rotate client secret in Kinde

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  1. In Kinde, go to Settings > Applications.
  2. Select View details on the relevant application.
  3. Scroll to the Admin actions section.
  4. If you have previously retained a Client secret you’ll need to delete the previous secret first:
    1. Take a copy of the previous secret if you want to.
    2. Select Delete previous client secret.
  5. Select Rotate. A confirmation window opens.
  6. If you want, opt in to rotate the client secret and retain the old secret. You may need to upgrade plans to do this.
  7. If you don’t want to retain the previous secret, or you don’t want to upgrade, leave the switch off.
  8. Select Rotate client secret.
  9. Update any dependent apps, connections, and services with the new secret.