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Enable multiple languages for authentication

By default, all Kinde user-facing screens (for example the sign up and sign in screens) are in US English. However, you can make your end-user authentication experience more international by selecting multiple languages for these screens as well.

What screens can be translated?

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Only the user facing authentication screens: Sign up, sign in, verification code, confirmations, etc. are translated. It is not yet possible to select a different language for the whole Kinde platform.

To change the language displayed on sign up and request access pages, you need to customize the relevant page.

Supported languages

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Kinde’s language support offering is growing all the time.

Here’s just a sample of what we have so far: English (en / en-US / en-AU / en-GB), Dutch, German, Polish, Hebrew, Italian, French, Malay, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Norwegian, Swedish.

We aim to eventually support all these languages.

Feel free to submit a pull request via GitHub to request or contribute a specific language translation.

Choose languages

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Kinde will display the relevant language on authentication screens, when the user’s regional settings are detected.

  1. Go to Settings > Languages.
  2. In the Supported languages section, select the checkboxes of all the languages you want to support.

Change the default language

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The default language is the fallback language if a user’s region is not detected, or if the detected language is not selected as supported in Kinde.

  1. Go to Settings > Languages.
  2. In the Default language dropdown, choose the language you would like to display as standard.

How Kinde displays languages

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For user-facing authentication screens, Kinde gives display priority to languages as follows:

  1. The language supplied in the auth url ^
  2. The preferred language selected in the user’s browser ^
  3. The default language you have selected in Kinde
  4. US English as a last resort, if a translation is not available

^ If you have chosen not to support a language, we will try the next available option.

Through language matching, Kinde automatically works out the closest base language to the requested language and will use this if supported by your app.

Customize text on authentication pages

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You can customize the text on the Sign up, Sign in, Request access and Confirmation code screens. See Design your welcome pages for more information.

Support for right to left (RTL) languages

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Yes, we are the only auth provider who supports this. 🤘