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Track user sign in with Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics to track activity on your app or website, you can now add these in Kinde to track user sign in events.

No activity in Kinde is tracked, but you will be able to see where a user’s journey ended in signing in or signing up via our platform.

Set up Google Analytics in Kinde

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  1. In Kinde, go to Settings > Environment > Details.
  2. Scroll to the Tracking section and enter your G- or UA- code in the Google Analytics field.
  3. Select Save.

Find your Google codes

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Sign in to your GA account, select Admin and then Data Streams. Select the data stream you want. The G-Code appears under the Measurement ID field.

If you use Universal Analytics (UA) for a website, sign in to your GA account and select Admin. Locate the Property you have set up for UA. The UA- code can be found in the Tracking ID field.

Google tag manager

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We know some people really wanted us to add functionality for Google Tag Manager, but we looked into it and there’s a security concern that could introduce a vulnerability that contravenes our guiding security principles.