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Where to start with Kinde

First, sign up for a business and get a Kinde domain.

Choose your own business adventure

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When you sign up for a new business, you’ll be guided through a few decisions about how you want to set up your business, including the tech stack you use, the social authentication methods you want, and whether you are bringing your own code, or are starting from scratch.

Then you’ll be asked if you want to use the Quick Start method to get your app connected.

Take the Quick Start path

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Follow our Quick Start guide to get connected fast.

You can jump straight in there from the onboarding, or you might have breezed through these steps so you can look around. Either way, here’s how to find your way back.

  1. On the Kinde home page, select Quick start on your app tile.
  1. Select the relevant tab: Starter kit or Existing codebase.
  1. Follow the steps to get connected!

If you need to, you can also change the technology you selected.

ℹ️ You can access the Quick start guide for any of your applications. Go to Settings > Applications > Details > Quick start.

Resources for getting to know us

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Check out the website, the docs, the blog, videos, and hit up the Slack community to talk to other Kinde users.

If you need help setting up, there’s a #support channel in the Slack community or you can contact us at

More starter docs

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