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GitHub social sign in

You can enable users to sign up and sign in using their GitHub credentials. To enable this, you’ll need some technical know-how and a GitHub app and credentials.

Get the Kinde callback URL

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  1. In Kinde, go to Settings > Authentication.
  2. In the Social Connections section, select Add connection.
  3. In the window that appears, select GitHub, then select Save.
  4. On the GitHub tile, select Configure.
  5. In the Callback URL section:
    1. If you use Kinde’s domain as your default, copy the Kinde domain URL.
    2. If you use a custom domain (and want to use it as the callback) select the Use custom domain instead switch and copy the Custom domain URL.
  6. Use the copied Callback URL to set up the app, see below.

Create GitHub app

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  1. Sign in to your GitHub account, select the Account dropdown menu at the top right corner, and choose Settings.
  2. From the menu on the left, select Developer settings. (
  3. Select GitHub Apps and then select New GitHub app.
  4. Give the app a name.
  5. Enter your app’s Homepage URL.
  6. Enter or paste the Kinde callback URL you copied earlier, into the Authorization callback URL field.
  7. Select the Request user authorization (OAuth) during installation option**.**
  8. In the Webhooks section, deselect the Webhook Active option (unless you want to add webhook URL details).
  9. (Recommended) In the Permissions section, open the Account permissions options and change the Email addresses access to Read only. This enables Kinde to more easily match up user accounts with access to all the users’ email addresses.
  1. Select Create GitHub App. The app is created.

Copy Client ID and Client secret

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  1. On the App you just created, select Edit.
  2. Copy the Client ID.
  3. Select Generate a new client secret.
  4. Copy these values to a text file or other temporary and secure place for adding to Kinde.

Add GitHub credentials to Kinde

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  1. In Kinde, go to Settings > Authentication.
  2. On the GitHub tile, select Configure.
  3. Paste the Client ID and Client secret into the relevant fields.
  4. Select which applications will use GitHub sign in.
  5. Select Save. Users will now see GitHub as an option to sign up and sign in to your product.