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Marketing campaign tracking with Kinde

Kinde gives you several options for extracting your data, while we work toward providing a more comprehensive analytics feature.

Google analytics

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Kinde lets you integrate with Google Analytics, so you can track sign up patterns, rates, frequency, etc.

To start using it, enter your Google UA or G-tag in Settings > Environment > Details > Tracking.

The state parameter

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If GA does not give you the specific information you need, you might be able to use the state parameter as a solution.

The state parameter is used to store a unique code for each sign up flow, adding security to the authentication experience. But It can also be harnessed to correlate unique marketing IDs (such as UTM codes) along with it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your campaign ad carries a unique ID for the campaign.
  2. A user clicks through the campaign to sign up to your app or product.
  3. A unique event code is generated and the unique ID from the ad is picked up and passed through the Kinde auth process in the state parameter.
  4. A token is issued for the user by Kinde, then Kinde redirects your user back, passing the same state parameter. The value of the state can then be used to correlate back any ad-specific information or call the advertiser’s API.

Any information you need after the authentication flow, can be correlated with the passed through state parameter value. See the definition of State in Using Kinde without an SDK.