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Add a feature flag in Kinde

Kinde’s feature flags enable you to control how you release features to your users. You can add them through the Kinde admin interface, or you can connect and add flags via API.

The procedure below is for adding them in Kinde. Learn more about flags.

Add a feature flag

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  1. Go to Releases > Feature flags.

  2. Select Add feature flag.

  3. Enter a Name and Description for the flag. Try to keep names short, but be descriptive enough to recognize the flag purpose.

  4. Enter a Key for the flag. This will be referenced in your code. For example feature-key or feature_key. Stick to whatever naming pattern you use in your code, such as hyphen separated (kebab case), or underscore separated (snake case), etc.

    ⚠️ Keys cannot be edited later or your code might break

Adding a feature flag
  1. Define the flag by selecting a Type and Value.

    • Boolean - operate like an on/off switch using true | false values. Ideal for showing and hiding features or switching functions on and off.

    • String - to pass configuration values, e.g. color, and content such as label text, etc. Say if you want to test if a green or a red button gets more clicks.

    • Integer - for updating numeric values using whole numbers only. Decimal numbers will be trimmed after the decimal point. The integer range is -2147483648 to +2147483647.

    • JSON - allow you to define a set of key-value pairs in a JSON file, where each key represents a feature or functionality in your application.

      ⚠️ The flag type cannot be edited later or your code might break

  1. For String, Integer, and JSON type flags, enter the flag value in the field that appears.

  2. Select if you want to allow the flag value to be set differently in environments, for users, or for organizations. You might do this, for example, if a feature is to have a limited release for testing.

    Note that currently, you cannot edit this once the flag has been added. Consider if you want to enable this option now.

  1. Select Save.