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Import organizations

All Kinde businesses come with one default organization. For B2B business models, multiple organizations are usually required. Learn more about organizations.

Use this procedure to import multiple organizations into Kinde via CSV, before you import users into those organizations.

You can also add and manage organizations manually.

Set up your CSV file

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Before importing, you need to set up the CSV file with the organization details:

  • Organization name
  • External organization ID

The CSV should be set up like this:

name, id
alpha, a001
beta, b002
charlie, c003

Import organizations

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You can use this procedure to add new organizations or update the details of your existing organizations.

  1. In Kinde, go to Organizations and then select Import organizations.
  2. In the window that opens, select Choose file and select the CSV file.
  3. Select Import. The Organizations window now shows the imported organizations or changes.

Next: Import users in bulk and include the external organization id to assign users to the imported organizations.