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Supported browsers

For Kinde admin and authentication flow, Kinde uses Browserslist’s recommended query of defaults, which matches recent versions of popular and supported browsers worldwide.

This means we support the typical stack of desktop and mobile browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Chrome for Android
  • Safari
  • Safari on iOS
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Opera

In addition to the defaults query, we add the iOS >= 15.4 query to extend iOS Safari support to version 15.4.

Note: Kinde does not support any Internet Explorer (IE) version, including IE 11.

See all targeted browsers

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View all targeted browsers, and filter by region, e.g.

Query breakdown

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Kinde’s Browserslist query: defaults, iOS >= 15.4 breaks down to:

  • > 0.5% all versions with > 0.5% of the audience worldwide
  • last 2 versions last 2 versions of each browser
  • Firefox ESR the latest Firefox Extended Support Release
  • not dead excludes dead browsers, i.e., browsers without official support or updates for more than 24 months
  • iOS >= 15.4 all iOS Safari versions newer than 15.3

Note: Regarding the not dead query, this includes IE 11, IE Mobile 11, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry 7, Samsung 4, Opera Mobile 12.1, and all versions of Baidu.

Staying up-to-date

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Browserslist queries like last 2 versions or > 0.5% depend on actual data. Therefore, Kinde regularly updates the Browserslist DB via the update-db tool.

How to report issues

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If you find any issues, please report them via email to, the support chat in the Kinde admin, or the #support channels in Slack or Discord.