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Reset multi-factor authentication for a user

You can reset multi-factor authentication (MFA) for individual users. You might do this because:

  • they can’t access their authenticator app.
  • they need to reset or re-install an authenticator app.
  • they have previously opted out of MFA but now want to enable it.

They can use their current recovery codes to get in to the system in the meantime, but once MFA is reset, new recovery codes will be issued and the old codes will become invalid.

To reset MFA for a user

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  1. In Kinde, go to the Users page.
  2. Select the user’s name to view their details. A side panel appears on the right.
  3. Select the three dots and then select Reset multi-factor auth. A confirmation message opens.
  4. Select Reset.

The next time the user signs in they will be prompted to set up their MFA and will receive new recovery codes. If the user has previously opted out of MFA, they will be prompted to opt-in again before setting up MFA.