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Changing your Kinde plan

Kinde offers multiple plans, including a free plan.

When you decide to upgrade to a higher plan, charges apply, including:

  • a base subscription price
  • metered usage charges (e.g. for MAU)
  • unit costs for expanding feature capacity (e.g. for adding more environments)
  • other recurring costs

You can upgrade plans at any time. You need to contact us to downgrade plans.

How plan charges work

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When you upgrade, you will be charged the base subscription price for the month ahead.

On the following invoice (after the first monthly billing cycle), you will be charged for any metered and unit costs for the previous month, plus the monthly base subscription price for the next month.

We currently accept credit cards as a means of payment, and use Stripe to process and secure transactions. Custom invoicing arrangements (e.g. by bank transfer, annual, currency) are available to enterprise customers.

How to upgrade your plan

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You’ll see multiple upgrade prompts throughout the Kinde interface, with a button for upgrading and choosing a plan.

Click any of these prompts and you will be shown the plan selector and guided through the sign-up process.

You’ll be asked to confirm credit card details each time you upgrade, even if it’s from a paid plan to a paid plan.

How to downgrade your plan

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It’s not currently possible to downgrade plans in a self-service way. Rest assured we are working on this.

For now, you need to contact our support team at to action this for you.

Refunds for downgrade and cancellation

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If you upgrade and decide the plan is not right, we will happily downgrade you and refund the monthly base subscription price. You will still need to pay for anything metered that you use.

We want your experience at Kinde to be great, even if you decide to leave us. You can be assured that we will err on the side of crediting back any costs that you should not be charged for.

To discuss any concerns, contact and we will sort it out.

Speak to an advisor about a custom plan

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We know some businesses are more complex than others. If you feel you have special requirements or would like to discuss how we can better support your business growth, contact us at and we’ll make an appointment to chat.