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Add a machine to machine application

Machine to machine applications facilitate token exchange between systems, applications, and services, including micro-services.

For example, you need a machine to machine application for connecting to Kinde’s Management API. See below for instructions.

Step 1: Add a machine to machine application

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  1. Go to Settings > Applications.
  2. Select Add Application.
  3. In the dialog that opens, give the application a name, and select Machine to Machine as the Application type.
  4. Select Save. App keys - including Domain details, Client ID and Client Secret - are issued for the application. Save these details to set up the connection to your application or service.

Step 2: Activate the connection

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  1. Go to Settings > APIs. On the relevant API tile (e.g. Kinde Management API), select View details.
  2. On the left, select Applications.
  3. Switch on the connection for the machine to machine application you just created.
  4. Next: Get an access token for Kinde’s API.

How M2M tokens are calculated in Kinde

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An M2M token is generated each time you call the /oauth2/token Kinde API endpoint to retrieve an M2M access token.

Where an access token is re-used - say where the same token is used to make another API request, this does not count as a new token. Similarly, where a token is re-used to make calls to other Kinde-registered APIs, this is also not counted as another token.

Kinde’s free and Pro plans have a generous amount of M2M tokens included, before we start charging for them. For details, see our pricing page.